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This picture, originally from the late and great Bicycle Guide magazine and now archived and provided by the good folks at Mombat, captures some of the best upgrades available in the late 1980s.

Cook Bros and WTB were two names that it was hard to go wrong with, and the picture shows a number of the neat offerings.

Cook Bros had BMX roots but its cranks were also iconic for mountain bikes.  Its bars were far less so, but in ’88 or so when I was speccing out my “ulti” ride, I went with the aluminum Cook Bros bars.  They were black anodized and had the groovy Cook Bros Racing logo etched in.  In those days we would cut our bars down as narrow as we could and in fact, I have that uselessly short set of bars up in the parts bin.

I also jumped on a set of Cook Bros cranks but was disappointed to get them in silver.  Since my riding stance is funny, it turns out that the color choice was fine.  That generation of Cook Bros cranks had its own, longer taper, so you needed to get the Cook Bros bottom bracket. When I came across this incompatibility, it was a big surprise which required more weeks of waiting for the right bb to come.

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