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Position Measurement Tools – Quickie – Serotta X Y Tool and Bike Settings Tool

Posted: April 30th, 2013 | Author: | Filed under: bicycles | No Comments »

I need to write a little more on this topic as I have been spending a fair amount of time measuring this and that. Couple quick observations, the Serotta X-Y tool is pretty much useless. I would strongly recommend against purchasing it. Its measurements are suspect as I can’t reproduce the numbers using a tape measure – not even close. The measurement process requires as much eyeballing and estimating as does the standard ruler/sprit level/plumb bob approach, the instructions are junk and the build quality is junk. At least it is expensive. Second, if you want a fantastic measuring tool, have a look at the BikeSettings system. Kind of hard to get your hands on one since the website is fairly useless and the guy behind the company is a mechanic for team Blanco, so kind of busy. That said, the tool is awesome. Fabulous build quality. Impressive precision. Easy to use. It doesn’t come with instructions, at least mine didn’t, but it is fairly straight forward. More to come on it.

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