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Cervelo R3 Team – 2011 with Super Record, Zipp and Tune

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I decided to take another try with a carbon fiber bike. I come at them with a fair amount of hesitation. While I recognize the advantages of the material, they seem too prone to breakage and the manufacturing quality of even the top end bikes seems to be lacking. And I hate the bottom brackets.

I first threw a leg over a Cannondale Evo last year and thought it rode ok. That was until the fork cracked in under 100 miles. After a fair amount of going back and forth with the Cannondale rep and my local shop, I ended up with a big shop credit and I bought another titanium bike. Even before the bike cracked, the bottom bracket was a constant source of significant irritation as the PF30 cups would “pop” on every ride, requiring literally daily pressing. And the cable routing is incredibly stupid too. Smooth routing and brake feel was traded for a “cleaner” look. Given that modern road bike brake feel already leaves a lot to be desired, these additional challenges don’t do a bike any favors.

Still, I continue to be curious about these vertically compliant torsionally stiff light weight rockets. So, I figured I’d try another kick at the can. I wasn’t psyched about the BBRight bottom bracket but the design seemed better than PF30 in that the cups are more inboard. After cleaning the shell with alcohol I applied loctite primer and press fit hold 609. So, fingers crossed.

I run my saddle setback about 55mm behind the center of the bottom bracket. I was surprised to find that on this bike I needed a no-offset post to do it. To maintain the reach to the bar required a longer stem. Some nifty German CNC’ed parts by Tune fit the bill.

The bike is finally together and at just under 14 lbs as pictured (with computer and meaty Keo 2 Max pedals) – it weighs in nearly 3 lbs less than my Moots. So there is that. That said, I can’t shake the worry that the frame will crack. Looking forward to a shakedown and will report on the ride etc.


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