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Tubeless Misadventures – Incremental Update

Posted: December 26th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: bicycles | No Comments »

Took the wheels with tires mounted to the local bike shop. With some blasts from the compressor the rear seated. Unfortunately the seat wasn’t perfect but after a few rounds of deflating and adjusting, the tire seated and inflated. It is still holding air. The front, however, was another story. It seems like there was a crack or something in the rim tape so air was leaking out of the spoke holes. Although I don’t have American Classic table, I do have some Stan’s, so I stripped the faulty American Classic tape and scrubbed the wheel bed with rubbing alcohol. After it had evaporated, I double wrapped with the Stan’s tape.  I remounted the tire, this time with a tube and inflated. The goal is to press the tape down to create a strong bond. Tomorrow I will have another go mounting the tire. Fingers crossed.

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