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Greg Lemond’s Eclectic Builds

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Still basking in the afterglow of the Rapha “To the Sun” exhibition on Greg Lemond – attended by Greg and Kathy Lemond. The items presented at the cycle club highlighted accomplishments from across the span of Lemond’s career – from his Jr World’s jersey through some late career pieces. As an equipment junkie I was particularly interested in the bikes. There are 5 at the exhibition, from his Hinault/Look through to his Z Calfee. His 89/90 rebadged Laser tt bike is on display as well. Not quite in time capsule shape, the bikes each had a hodgepodge build and it was hard to always tell what had been done intentionally and what was the result of slapping on whatever parts were around. Most galling to a “curator” of old bikes were the horrible quick release skewers, including generic junk and Bontrager skewers. The rear wheel on Greg’s Look steel bike was curious as it had a Triomphe/Victory rear hub and I can’t imagine why he would ever have used that hub as I imagine he would have always had Record or C Record hubs around. His steel Bottechia had a later C record shifter for the front derailleur and an old Super Record shifter for the rear. I get it that Syncro wasn’t the best but why not avail yourself of Campy retrofriction?

All the weirdness is nice as it tells of Greg and his pals fooling around with the bikes, either to get them in race shape or more likely as riders after they had been put out to pasture. The show highlights Greg’s interest in tinkering with design and goes toward explaining why his branded bikes are pretty nice (particularly the pre- and post-Trek versions.)

It was great to see the infamous 1989 tt bike, albeit with a messed up build and Z paint (btw, don’t think those bars were UCI legal…)

Surprising Fignon in 89










Here is the bike the year later, getting fitted with a Cunningham Fitfinder tool – Bushpig Approved!

Same bike, new paint

This bike was really nice though I am not sure about the Scott Dropin Bars.

Calfee in Race Shape

The TVT is iconic.

TVT 89

Fireworks are coming in this race!

World Championship 1989

I haven’t seen a lot of pictures of the Hinault Look. I don’t think it was much of a go to bike.

753 Hinault Look

Couldn’t find any pic of him on the yellow Bottechia that was on display, and don’t recall that bike myself. Also was sad to confirm that all his brakes felt terrible. I always wondered if the pros were able to make Modolo brakes feel good. They didn’t.


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